Kevin Nodine  

My name is Kevin Nodine of CKNodine Design. As far back as I can remember, I have always been passionate about interior design.  I love the interaction of striking a balance between form and function, but most importantly creating spaces that reflect people’s personalities and lifestyles.

While I have studied in Nashville, Atlanta, New York, London and Paris, I am mainly a self-taught designer. I believe interior design, like art, music and writing, cannot be constricted by rules nor regulations. It is a skill and talent that is inherent and takes true passion to be a great artisan. I spent years in marketing and advertising before I finally returned to my true love of interior design. When I launched CKNodine Design I found the happiness and personal satisfaction that I longed for in my career.

I believe good design comes in many forms and therefore I do not adhere to any one particular style. Instead I listen to my clients, study their lifestyle and then implement a design that fits their needs and vision; whether it be traditional, eclectic, or contemporary. My main goal is to execute a design that when the client walks in their door they are truly coming home. A space should be beautiful and comfortable, but most importantly reflect the individual, couple or family that actually live there.

In addition to interior design, I also offer Event Planning and Lifestyle Enhancement Services to make one’s life more enjoyable and stress-free.
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